The Ultimate Luxury Holiday Gifts For Journalists

The Ultimate Luxury Holiday Gifts For Journalists

If you’re searching to buy the perfect present for a seasoned journalist, a stocking filler for a student in journalism, or something for an aspiring journalist, we’ve got it covered. You might even discover something to keep for yourself.

You are a journalist, and you have no idea what to get for your colleagues. There are so many things to consider, like their taste, budget, and job title. Check out the perfect holiday gifts for journalists guide, which inspired our list below of some of the perfect gifts for all types of journalists:

1. A Pack of Uber-Handy Notepads

When your reporter is constantly on the move and taking notes, ease the stress with shorty pads from Pukka, ideal for shorthand or other notes.

Fun fact – spiral notepads are usually great for joggers since you can flip them quicker when taking notes. Additionally, you can sketch your own margin to include notes for your shorthand. Now you know.

2. The Super-Smart Notebook Holder

An excellent alternative to the handy notepads can be found in the Pukka notebook holder. They let you write things down and decrease the risk of damaging spills from bags.

With a premium price, the unique designs of Pukka notebook holders make it worthwhile. Additionally, the holder includes two notebooks: one with a lined cover for notes and the other plain for free-form drawing.

3. A Subscription to A Transcription App

For the journalist who conducts interviews, the Otter subscription might be the ideal present that will save his or her time.

It is designed to automatically write up notes for meetings. We’ve discovered that Otter is perfect for uploading audio recordings of calls on Zoom or phone call interviews, instead of listening to your voice as you search for quotes that are important to you.

It’s not perfect, but adequate enough to let you reach the essentials fast. The basic plan is free, but it can only translate live chats and meetings.

4. A Next-Level Smartphone Rig

For journalists working in the video field, who require some compact equipment to enhance their job to the highest level, the Movo Rig is a reasonable option to create a professional-grade video with your smartphone.

It includes a stereo microphone, a padded grip, and a wrist strap. It can be essentially installed on any smartphone available on the market.

5. A Dictaphone for the Traditional Journalist

When a writer is on the move conducting interviews in person, a dictaphone would be handy.

You can get better recordings of higher quality than most Android smartphones, but it is also possible to purchase an assortment that leads to connecting a dictaphone to your phone, allowing you to record directly onto the internal storage of your device.

6. A Trusty Journalism Coat

What constitutes the perfect journalism jacket? It must be sufficiently warm to be able to stand at a crime scene and also professional enough to talk to politicians, with enough pockets to hold notebooks and (most importantly) a hood to make sure that you don’t get wet. A luxury trench coat from Burberry would be ideal in all such situations.


In conclusion, these are some of the ultimate luxury holiday gifts for journalists. With these gifts, they will be able to work more efficiently and in comfort. So, make your journalist friends and family happy this holiday season by getting them one of these great gifts.