5 Features For Luxury Prescription Computer Glasses

5 Features For Luxury Prescription Computer Glasses

You need to know what you should look for in prescription computer glasses. Some features you should look for are quality lenses, Custom lens power, anti-glare treatment, and metal frames.

These features will make a world of difference for your eyes and make you more productive while working. You can also find various designs and colors to complement your personality.

1. Quality Lenses

Choosing the best lenses for prescription computer glasses is essential to focus clearly on your computer screen. It would help if you got a comprehensive eye examination to rule out any vision problems and update your prescription for your eyeglasses.

You should also measure the distance from your computer screen to the bridge of your nose to determine the correct lens power for your eyes. Your optometrist can also advise you on eye strain treatments.

Quality computer glasses will come with anti-glare lenses that reduce your screen’s reflections. These lenses can also block blue light from computer screens, reducing eye strain and discomfort.

Most of them also offer complete UV protection. To ensure proper eye protection, it’s a good idea to follow the 20/20/20 rule – if you can look at a distant object for 20 seconds without straining your eyes, you are protected from any harmful UV rays.

2. Custom Lens Power

If you work at a computer, you may benefit from a pair of prescription computer glasses with a customized lens power. These lenses can improve your computer vision by increasing the distance you can see the screen. Several types of computer glasses are available, so you should always visit your eye care professional before purchasing one.

These lenses have three focal points: close-up, mid-range, and distance. The lower section of the lens will correct for close-up vision, the middle section will correct for mid-range vision, and the top team will correct for distance vision. This lens type is easy to adjust, and most people find it convenient.

3. Anti-Glare Treatment

Prescription computer glasses with an anti-glare treatment are designed to reduce reflections and allow direct eye contact. Glare caused by digital devices can cause eye strain and fatigue.

The coating helps reduce glare by increasing the light that passes through the lens. The anti-reflective treatment also provides the lenses with increased durability and dirt resistance.

Computer glasses with an anti-glare coating also block blue light, a potentially harmful ray emitted by digital screens. This anti-reflective treatment will help protect your eyes from the harmful blue light emitted by smartphones, laptops, tablets, and televisions. Aside from protecting your eyes from harmful blue light, computer glasses with an anti-glare coating can also improve your sleep habits by improving your sleep patterns.

4. Frames Made of Metal

If you want to make a bold statement with your glasses, you may want to choose frames made of metal. However, metal frames have limited color and shape options compared to plastic frames. Moreover, some metals can cause an allergic reaction. Nickel alloys, for example, can irritate the skin.

You can avoid getting a response if you choose frames made of hypoallergenic materials like stainless steel or titanium. In addition, metal frames are prone to breakage at the temple joints, so you may want to consider frames made of spring hinges to prevent this.

Aside from metal, you can also choose frames made of acetate. These are also available in various colors and are flexible and lightweight. Some models are made of gold or titanium. These frames come with nose pads made from silicone, polyvinyl chloride, or titanium. Silicone may trigger an allergic reaction, so you should be extra careful when choosing frames made of this material.

5. Fitted by an Optician

Getting fitted for prescription computer glasses by an optician is a good idea. However, it is essential to remember that there are several things to consider before you decide to get fitted for computer glasses. Your priority should be your health and safety. You should ensure that you have good vision and no eye conditions that would affect your vision.

Final Words

A proper fitting of your glasses is essential, as it not only affects your appearance but also affects the quality of your vision. An experienced optician can take accurate measurements and ensure that your lenses are aligned correctly. They will also take the time to check the finished product’s quality and ensure that your lenses are the correct type for your vision.