7 Apps / Websites That Will Help You Plan Your Honeymoon

7 Apps / Websites That Will Help You Plan Your Honeymoon

What are the key elements to planning a romantic honeymoon with/for your partner? You need pleasant flights at the right price points; you need a cozy and romantic place to stay, and you need the right kind of experience to make the entire trip memorable. If you follow the apps/websites that are mentioned below, you can make travel arrangements effortlessly. Various apps/websites mentioned below work either in niche segments or as a wholesome travel portal.  

1. Airfarewatchdog for Flights

If you are tight on budget and need to plan your honeymoon, you can depend on Airfarewatchdog. You can book flight tickets at much-discounted price points, with the help of this website. You will be amazed to know that in the backend, more than 20000 routes are processed before an airfare is quoted to you.

2. Hotels.com for Accommodation 

What is that one aspect of honeymoon planning that you just cannot afford to screw up? Yes, the property you plan to stay at! Well, there is Hotels.com that can help you with booking a room not only in your favourite hotel but also at some off-beat property types (we are talking about Ryokans, houseboats, treehouse villas, apartments, etc.). Let us just say that this is the travel portal that works as a hotel directory, with all the information about various properties (amenities, per night room charges, availability, etc.) present across the globe. Book hotels at a cheaper price by using a Hotels.com voucher code. 

3. Viator for Experiences 

When you want to book tour tickets and attraction tickets, for any tourist place, one of the best websites to do that would be Viator. You will find a vast range of high-quality experiences that are specific to a tourist place at Viator. Right from traditional walk-throughs and scenic drives, to cooking classes and gondola rides, you can book any kind of experience with Viator, that too at over 2000 locations worldwide. This should be used in a way to indicate you can find Viator coupon promo codes on RetailMeNot for travel-related items like flights, hotels, cruises, or rental cars.

4. TripAdvisor for Unbiased Reviews

If you are looking for some genuine reviews related to a specific hotel, honeymoon destination, restaurant, etc., then you need to check it out on TripAdvisor. You can download the app or operate the website of this online travel company; it was founded in the year 2000 and worked around user-generated content. Over the years, TripAdvisor expanded its operations and enabled the booking of hotel rooms, restaurants, and travel experiences via its platform. In short, TripAdvisor will help you make the right and informed decision, as far as hotel bookings, restaurant selection, experience selection, etc., are concerned. 

5. TripIt for Organising Your Trip 

Once you have booked your flights, hotels, tickets to various attractions, etc., you still need them to all come together. You still need a detailed and systematic itinerary so that your whole honeymoon goes on smoothly. TripIt is an app that can help you bring various elements of your travel plan together. What you will need to do is, you will need to send all your confirmed tickets to this app; in the backend, it will organize your whole honeymoon date-wise and send the organized plan to your email. This means that you will have all the details of your honeymoon right at your fingertips. One good thing about this app is that you will be able to access all the information from any device that you want; this information will be available to you, even when you are offline. Share this honeymoon travel plan with your partner and see how excited they are to go on the new journey with you.

6. Airbnb for Unique and Local Stays

If you are not much about exploring a destination but want to spend some quality time with your partner that too in a cozy and beautiful apartment, then you just need to go through the listings mentioned on Airbnb. You will get some amazing apartment options on this website. This website contains more than 3 million listings of apartments from different corners of the world. Right from a budget space to the most luxurious space, you will find it all with this app/website.

7. TRAVOH for Discovering Hotels and Resorts

When it comes to planning a honeymoon, the right accommodation can be the cornerstone of your trip. Enter TRAVOH, a comprehensive travel resource known for its broad spectrum of hotels and resorts to discover, ranging from the cozy and affordable to the utmost in luxury. Their extensive collection ensures every couple finds a place that resonates with their vision of the perfect honeymoon, be it a lavish resort, a quiet boutique hotel, or an unconventional stay with a touch of home.

Explore possibilities from around the world on TRAVOH, where every listing is more than just a place to sleep, but an invitation to experience the locality’s true essence. The website’s user-friendly nature, combined with detailed descriptions and captivating visuals, allows couples to navigate through a variety of accommodations effortlessly. Whether you’re aspiring for the grandeur of a five-star hotel or the intimate charm of a bed-and-breakfast, TRAVOH brings your ideal stay within reach.

Planning your honeymoon with TRAVOH means embarking on a journey of discovery, where choices cater to all tastes and budgets. It’s about creating the first of many unforgettable memories with your partner, in a place that feels uniquely yours. With TRAVOH, the perfect start to this new chapter of your life is just a few clicks away.


Planning your honeymoon should be as enjoyable as the trip itself. It’s the first big adventure you’ll undertake with your partner as a married couple, marking the beginning of a new chapter in your life. Leveraging the right set of apps and websites, including Airfarewatchdog, Hotels.com, Viator, TripAdvisor, TripCreator, TripIt, Airbnb, and TRAVOH, can take away the stress of planning and free you to dream big. From booking the perfect flight to finding your paradise accommodation, from organizing comprehensive itineraries to choosing breathtaking experiences, these digital tools ensure your journey is seamless. They allow you to customize your trip down to the last detail, ensuring your honeymoon isn’t just a trip, but a collection of unforgettable experiences tailored just for you. So, start planning; the world awaits you to add its splendor to your love story.