Kris Cyganiak
Co-founder of ReelLuxe

New Westminster, BC, Canada
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Kris Cyganiak is the co-founder of ReelLuxe, which he started with his son Marcus Anthony. His keen interest in architectural photography and his passion for luxury real estate marketing led him to create The Pinnacle List in 2011 as a spectacular visual presentation of luxury real estate and lifestyles around the world. Kris has been directly involved in the online marketing of some of the most expensive luxury properties in North America, including The Razor Residence in La Jolla, California, Castello della Costa d’Oro in Cambria, California along with The Bradbury Estate in California and Shelter Island Estate in Montana, as well as luxury event marketing programs involving Aston Martin and Roll-Royce.

Over the past three decades, Kris has gained extensive experience in the fields of property, sales and marketing management. As a luxury REALTOR® in Greater Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Kris’ unique perspective on the home selling and buying process along with his global expertise at The Pinnacle List has given him a wealth of critical knowledge for marketing and promoting luxury real estate to an international audience.